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December 21, 2008
I LOVE Roberta’s paintings! The color, the expressiveness, and the variety of subjects make her work very interesting. I wish I could have met her. People with her creativity and aesthetic sense are in short supply.
— Darlene Marciniak

December 12, 2008
Roberta’s art was a real treat. I especially liked the modern stuff, your mother was a real talent.
— Michael Dinkins

December 1, 2008
The gallery is a tribute to an original thinker and artist. It reminds me of the subtle but significant influence that she had on me personally and professionally. Some people deserve more than 15 minutes of fame.
— Eric Tinstman

December 1, 2008
There are some very nice paintings here. I don’t have a favorite yet, but I will bookmark the site and visit again.
— Mike Gowan

December 1, 2008
Well done, neat to see how prolific she was, and what a vision. Loved the juxtaposition of your dad’s artistic vision in his photos with her artistic vision in deriving her images from that inspiration - inspiring for me!
— Tracy Wager

November 30, 2008
Roberta was an incredible artist. Her styles are so different in some of the paintings, it really is amazing. Of course I love the cats, but I also like the bottles. That style is so like Picasso’s. I know it was something that took incredible talent because the paintings just look like they flow.
— Rachelle Guerrero-McCarthy

November 30, 2008
You have put together a really beautiful site that makes me think and feel happy. Each time I come to the site I look at something different. At first I only looked at the paintings. While I knew your mother did many different pieces, the variety and color of the collection is amazing. Last time I read the quotes on the site (Linger, Contemplate is my favorite), and today I watched the videos.
— Pamela Westphal

November 29, 2008
I really enjoyed reminiscing about the days your father would play his guitar. He was a very good man and it really brought me back to see Roberta’s pictures and paintings. I will always have your family in my heart and wish you all the best.
— Florencia Perales

November 28, 2008
I had no idea that your mother was so much a part of the art world. How wonderful for you to have her love for art in your lives, as I am sure it has impacted your own as well. It is a beautiful web site and I have enjoyed it very much. I particularly enjoyed the paintings of the scenes in Mexico and the family photographs.
— Ruth Dowdy-McArthur

November 28, 2008
Oh, how I envy people who could be so creative. I think it was it Einstein who said The creative mind is a sacred gift. Roberta certainly had that sacred gift. Many thanks to Andy and others for putting together this beautiful website. What a nice tribute to such a nice and creative soul. As someone else said it is difficult to pick one favorite, but I loved the Cats and Bouquet for Renoir. I hope to visit this site again. Anytime I am having a difficult day this will cheer me up. Cheers
— Jameel Khan

November 28, 2008
Wow!!!! This is excellent work. Makes me want to pick up the brush again. Wow!!
— Victor Wilson

November 28, 2008
I am deeply touched by the guest book entries. My mother lived on the cusp of the electronic age. She owned a mechanical typewriter, she used a film camera, and she did not have an e-mail address. The Internet was in its infancy in 1996 when she died. When gathering the material for this site, I became aware of how fragile it was, and how it would quickly disappear if we did not digitize and publish it. As we assembled her work, I became aware of her love of art, and was struck by how themes and ideas were repeated in her studies and work.
— Andrew Douglas Heyer

November 27, 2008
Roberta was a wonderful artist!
— Wing Lo

November 26, 2008
What an amazing tribute to a very talented expressive woman and mother. With her talent and an active life like hers, this web site is a wonderful tribute to her life. What a great way to remember her and share her contributions with the rest of us. I especially enjoy her art work of the mountains.
— Ed Kraynak

November 26, 2008
Hard to pick favorites, there are so many beautiful paintings and so inspirational! So great to see it all together in sequence with photos and all.
— Reiko Obata

November 11, 2008
What a great tribute to a wonderful person and artistic talent. You must be very proud of her.
— Vic DiMaria

November 9, 2008
I enjoyed the Gallery and Meet the Artist. I expect to come back and visit again. Congratulations on an informational and beautiful site honoring a remarkable woman. You have inspired me begin planning the time to take on a similar initiative for my family.
— Lydia Keough

November 3, 2008
It was wonderful to see Roberta’s work again. It was beautifully presented and fully documented. It’s rare to be able to see the range of work including drawings and photographs that reveal the process and transformation of an artist’s work. You brought her back to life in her work and I really appreciate it. Thank you!
— Mike Wheelden

November 2, 2008
You’ve done a beautiful job. I’m so impressed. I had no idea your mother was such a prolific painter! I love the Duane Michaels quote. I’m going to hang it over my desk. Thank you for doing this. It’s truly inspiring.
— Carol Robison

November 1, 2008
Wow! What a beautiful tribute and labor of love. It’s a wonderful display of her work and story of Roberta’s life and values. I’m so impressed — and sorry again that I really did not know her very well.
— Patti Robison

November 1, 2008
Thanks for all the work you have done in your mother’s memory. It is a great piece of art in itself.
— Eric and Mary Odendahl

November 1, 2008
This is a wonderful site. It’s organized beautifully, everything is easily accessible, and it’s a wonderful living tribute to your mother. I remember going to one of her exhibitions with Pat some years ago. Thank you for sharing this with me.
— Virginia Morse

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. — Voltaire

November 1, 2008
The website looks great! Grandma’s artwork looks so wonderful!
— Amber Fielding

October 27, 2008
What a great tribute to your mother and to Warren, also. Thank you for sharing it with me. I called my daughter and gave her the website. She went to it while we talked. She is very impressed with your good works! Your Mom and Dad would be very happy with what you have done in their honor. Thanks for sharing!
— Sylvia Paulson

October 24, 2008
What a great artist! Her work is wonderful. And what a great site. It really is a tribute to your Mother’s life and work!
— Kevin Ham

October 22, 2008
I love her color selection! Amazing oranges and reds.
— Brenda Reynolds-Decker

October 21, 2008
I am in total awe of your mother’s work. She was so much more versatile than I realized. The videos of her progressing through the painting are wonderful. You have produced such a loving tribute to her life and work. I am so impressed. What a tremendous amount of work you have put into this. It is very well done. It has given me an even greater appreciation of The Thatcher.
— Luanne Crockett


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